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Rest and relaxation at the Hotel zum Schwanen


Relaxing in the spa ...


Fresh mountain air Activity can take the energy out of you. A sauna with a rest-room and heated bench await you to stock up on new energy for body and soul.

For Information:

This service is free of charge when you stay for 2 days or more.

... with the strength of the mountains


For combatting the stresses of everyday nature is probably the best method.

Our Natural Spa therefore features selected natural materials from the alpine region.

Revive your body, spirit and soul in this natural setting. There is something for everyone with a Finnish sauna, herbal steam room, heated loungers and a large relaxing room.

Our natural spa strengthens the body with a playful interaction of water, heat, cold and quiet. Nothing beats a session in the sauna after a physically active day.

Finnish sauna

Temperature: 80-100 ° C, room climate: dry
Recommended duration of stay: 15-20 minutes warm-up, rest for 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times each
Tip: infusion towards the end of the warm-up phase

Herbal steam bath

At a constant temperature of about 55-65 ° C with slow radiant heat from the walls and benches, the body starts to sweat after about 15 minutes. The slow warming offers an intensive opportunity for detoxification, activates the circulation in a gentle way.
The right alternative for those, to whom the saunas are too hot.


experience shower

The invigorating shower boosts overall well-being by stimulating blood circulation and metabolism, relieving hardening and creating a tension balance in the muscles.

rest areas

Let yourself be enchanted in another world. In the quiet zones you can switch off and recharge your batteries.




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